The Cats Own Personal Tree

The cat trees are some of the best selling products today as it is one of the most important toys that are perfectly right for the cat. With the number of pet lovers on the increase, there are special toys to keep the pets and the pet lovers happy. Cats come in different sizes and cat trees are provided to fit the shape and size of your cat. They are also customized to fit the pet and suit the choice of the pet owner too. After all, he is the one paying for his pet and he knows his pet, its preferences and its likes and dislikes too. The tree is perfect for climbing as it comes in the form of a vertical mount. It is spacious for taking a nap as there are rests in-between to provide a good and comfortable slumber. There are also playing spots available for the cat as well as providing good facility to climb, jump and run on the tree. Coming in different colors and sizes, they are most sought after by cat lovers.


Choosing the Right Tree for your Cat

Kitten In His Tree

Before choosing to buy the cat tree for the cat, the size of the cat should be given the first preference, so that the right size of tree can be bought. It should also be remembered that the cat will grow in size and this should also be taken into consideration. Make sure you get the best cat tree suited for big cats before making any purchases.

The size of the house and the space available should be considered. If the tree is going to be kept inside the house, then the space constraint will be higher. If the tree is to be kept outside, then a large sized tree can be considered.

Cats which prefer to climb heights should be bought a tree that has many perches so that it can keep climbing up and down. If it prefers to sleep or go into hiding, then trees with sleeping nooks and covered spaces can be considered. Cardboard tubes can also be used as perches or as a form of tunnels.

Cat trees come in different materials. Wood or plywood makes good choices while PVC pipes can also be fitted onto the branches to give it good hideouts. Choose trees that have a good base, so that it is sturdy and strong.

The instructions should be perfectly followed while installing the cat tree. Arranging the poles of the same sizes together will help in following the instructions easily. If the instructions are followed one step after another it is easy to complete it in no time.

The screws and nails should be fitted in properly and covered with good carpets or thick fabrics. The pipes should be well fitted with the base so that it gives a good structure and provides support to the tree.

The tree helps the cat to enjoy and play. It helps the cat to give in to its natural instincts such as climbing, perching and peering at its environment. Providing a personal tree is a perfect gift for a cat.